My name is goat. As you can probably guess, that is not my real name.

My hobbies include animation, movies, video games, music, visual effects, drawing, sculpting, modelling, computers, and design. To name a few.

I've been interested in animation for as long as i can remember. Some of the first shows I watched on tv were maisy, miffy, and pingu. All of which are animated. Only recently have I been really pushing my skill in creating animations, as for the past 9 years I have only created the odd project here and there.

Movies have also fascinated me since I was younger. I remember seeing the lord of the rings for the first time and it blew my mind back then, and still does now. This is especially so after watching some of the behind the scenes footage from the extended edition DVDs. I helped create a film team for a 48 hour film challenge in my area, and have been part of that team for the past 5 years.

One of the first films I remember seeing is Spirited Away, which further refined my interest in both animation and movies. It's up there amongst my favourite films.

My interest in video games started back when I watched my dad playing them when I was 3. The first game I bought was Myst: Masterpiece Edition, which I thought was awesome. Not long after I was gifted a PS2 and I found Alien Hominid in the video store. This was the first time I came across something from which has continued to be an awesome website since then.

I didn't seem to care too much for music until around when I was 8 and I found out about chiptunes and "8-bit music" which wasn't always 8 bit. Since then I have grown to appreciate more music than just Zizibum by X-Ray, but that is what sparked my interest. I used to go to lessons for piano, drums, and guitar, but have since left those and am now looking into joining a band.

My first real foray into VFX was in 2010 when a friend showed me freddiew on youtube. Light Warfare was the video I was show and though it is barely VFX, being that it is only light painting made into stop motion, it amazed me both for how it looked but also the fact that I could do it myself. I downloaded the FXHome EffectsLab Pro trial and created some really shitty video in retrospect, but regardless of that I was still enthralled by the processes behind it. In my film group I am still the only one with a large amount of vfx knowledge, but I have been encouraging the others from time to time to give it a go themselves. Along with animation it is my primary area of interest, and the two tend to tie in with eachother anyway.

Drawing, sculpting, and modelling all tie in with the other interests mentioned here. Computers as an interest is a given with what i've mentioned here, and it all in some way ties into design aswell.

This site, and anything under my goat/goatguns/goatwithguns pseudonym, is mainly for any gay or furry shit that i'm into. There's not much reason to seperate it really, it is just myself after all, but I feel no need to push such things into the face of my friends. As far as I can tell, they aren't in to one interest or either. If they are, then they haven't discussed with the group or myself. I'd love to be more able to talk about it, but I haven't really had the confidence to bring it up too much with any of them. Despite this, I could bring it up and not be faced with any hate in my direction.

Currently I am working towards making a short action animation which i'll upload to Newgrounds, though not under this name. That may not happen for a long time, but in the mean time I will start uploading my art and progress to FA, a tumblr blog, and probably on here aswell.

I'd say that the main reason for creating this pseudonym, and writing this page, is to slowly start building up my confidence in those areas i mentioned. Case in point, i am still pointlessly terrified of interacting with people online but am comfortable talking in person, and even then I haven't been able to bring up those topics to those who I have talked to.

I am working to change that.

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